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At Human First, we take our role very seriously as providers of services to developmentally disabled individuals. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in supporting and helping individuals and their families reach their goals. In an effort to provide the highest quality care, we have implemented corporate compliance protocols to help achieve this mission.

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What is Corporate Compliance?

Corporate Compliance is a code of conduct, activities and internal controls that promote the prevention, detection, reporting and resolution of conduct that is illegal or which does not conform to Human First standards, policies and/or procedures.

How Compliance Related Concerns Are Reported?

Anyone who witnesses suspicious activity or inappropriate conduct is required to report the incident to Human First’s Compliance Officer. The Compliance Officer is responsible for reviewing and evaluating all issues reported.

Reports may be made in person or through our toll-free hotline, (866) 927-9976. Direct or anonymous reporting of concerns may also be forwarded by mail to the attention of our Compliance Officer, c/o Human First, 80 Maiden Lane, 8th Floor, New York, New York, 10038.

Note: No retaliation or retribution of any kind will be tolerated against an employee for good faith participation in the Compliance Program, including but not limited to reporting suspected wrongdoing, investigating issues, self-evaluations, audit and remedial actions, and reporting to appropriate officials as provided in sections 740 and 741 of the NYS Labor Law (whistleblower provisions for health care fraud). Any such retaliation or retribution will, itself, be grounds for disciplinary action. While at no time will a “whistleblower” face retaliation in any form so long as they make their reports in good faith, it should be noted that maliciously or deliberately making untruthful and/or misleading reports may subject the reporter to disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

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