“My son recently joined one of Human First’s programs. The agency picks him up each day and brings him to program. He’s learning new hands-on activities, such as painting, which is what he likes. The agency drops him off and he comes home happy. As a parent, what more can I ask for?”

-Mrs. Myriam Dominguez, Parent of Participant. (Translated from Spanish)

"I’m in this Human First house…I go to Coney Island, I go out, I go to program.  I work at Toys R’ Us and I work at a nursing home."

"I like working at the daycare and working with the kids and reading them stories.  I love kids and I like being with them and playing with them and teaching them bilingual, English and Spanish, the number – uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez."

"I like Human First…it’s a nice house – it’s the best."

"Human First means human…first.  A person first. It means a lot to me…it goes into my heart."

-Vanessa Rivera, Residential Program Participant

"I work at CVS.  I do stocking, restocking and checking dates.  It’s good.  It’s not far from my house…It helps me going out into the community and be with my friends."

"I’ve got tons of things for the future…I have a lot of opportunities because of Human First."

-Omar Riffat, Program Participant

I think the most important part about any program, and this is what you get from Human First, is the people that are running it.  And we really like the people that are here, that are running the organization; it’s not a job for them – they have a passion for it.  They really like the individuals, they are focused on them, and that’s what we like about it. "

-Eric Bruno, Parent of Program Participant

It’s a great, great program.  The staff…you just go in there and you just feel at home there, and she feels the same way.”

“The staff is very supportive…anytime I come in, they don’t rush you.  They take their time…they are there, they listen.

-Jackie Ames, Parent of Program Participant

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